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Environmentally conscious construction and residential waste bin rentals and disposal for Cedar, Ladysmith, Nanaimo and surrounding area, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

When you’re looking for waste disposal solutions that are not only environmentally smart but also smart for the pocket book, the only junk removal and waste bin rental company to call for the Cedar, Ladysmith and Nanaimo area is Request Holdings Ltd.

When renovating or constructing a house or commercial building, an inevitable side effect is going to be waste that needs to be hauled away.

Whether it’s excess roofing materials, drywall, plaster siding, tree branches or any other type of garbage, construction is a messy business. Many people don’t consider these costs when making arrangements to haul away garbage and they simply throw all the excess waste material into a single bin, allowing the garbage to become mixed.

Mixed garbage increases the costs you have to pay at the city dump & recycling centers. For example, the Nanaimo & Cedar city dump charges $215.00 a tonne for mixed waste. If you want to avoid these high fees you then have to pay someone to dig through and separate the junk into recyclable and non recyclable items, but this still creates a high cost too. You’re simply moving the expense from careless dumping penalties, to paying someone to do what could be easily done during the construction process.

Simply making sure that you rent your waste disposal/demolition bins from Request Holdings Ltd., can help you reduce the city garbage disposal fees per tonne for garbage material and per tonne for clean wood waste (wood that doesn’t contain non recyclable components).

How does Request Holdings Waste Bins help me reduce my city garbage disposal fees?

Unlike most providers of waste bins to residential or commercial building construction & renovation companies, Request Holdings has specialized bins that have separate compartments, allowing you to keep your construction waste material separated right from the beginning.

“Clean” wood waste materials can go in one compartment, while “dirty” or non recyclable wood can go in the other. Using just two of these bins is like renting 4 from anyone else.

These specialized bins are also built for ease of use. Each compartment has a separate door that allows for easy disposal of the waste in each compartment without the risk of mixing the wood or other material together.

The bins come in a variety of sizes and are great for contractors, residential roofing companies, small companies, home owners doing renovations and LEED & Green certified custom home builders.

If you want to save money on your waste and junk removal fees, recycle right the first time.

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