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When home owners, or potential home owners are looking at buying or selling a home, as part of the buying and selling process a home inspection is performed on the property to make sure that any renovations or challenges are taken care of before the sale or purchase of a house. One of the most overlooked inspections however is that of the septic system and tank.

It is a common error many people make; for most people “septic tank” is a dirty word they’d rather not think about however not making sure that a proper septic inspection is performed can be a costly mistake for those who are buying or own real estate on Vancouver Island.

When home owners fail to regularly have an inspection done on the septic system and tanks the side effects of such neglect can cost in excess of $10,000.00 to replace the septic fields, tanks, pipes and distribution box.

How often should I have my septic tank pumped?
How often you have your septic tank pumped will depend on the type, size and age of your septic system. As a rule of thumb, it is generally recommended that a well maintained septic system is pumped approximately every 3-5 years however a yearly check should be performed, especially with septic tank systems that were installed within the last 10 years. Newer septic systems, built and installed within the last decade have filters that need to be cleaned regularly and can lead to the premature breakdown of a septic system if not maintained. Annual inspections can also help spot any cracks that may be forming in the tanks, or bring to light external signs that are early warning signs of a distressed septic tank system, such as a strip of intense green (called a run) in one area of your septic field.
How will I know if my septic tank needs pumping?
One of the trickiest things about a septic tank system is determining if and when it needs to be pumped. Most people would open the lid on the tank and make a judgement on whether the system needs to be drained based on how high the level in the tank is. This is not a true indicator however as the contents of a septic system are always approximately 4 inches from the top. The quickest and easiest way to make an accurate determination on the state of your septic system is to contact Request Holdings and ask them for an inspection.
Does Request Holdings perform septic system inspections?
Yes, Request Holdings will schedule an appointment that is convenient for you and inspect your tank. Sometimes all that is needed is a quick visual inspection, or a full inspection of your pipes and the D-box (distribution box) can be performed to ensure the contents are all flowing evenly through the pipes, which is especially important if you are looking at selling or buying a property.
How much does an inspection of my septic system or tank cost?
If you can have your septic tank open or your D-Box (the distribution point that controls the flow of material through the pipes) open and ready, a basic fee of $50.00 is applied (depending on location & travel time required. Please contact us for a proper estimate if you are outside the Cedar & Nanaimo area.) If your tank requires pumping and you contact Request Holdings to perform your services, the fee will be deducted as part of your agreement.
Are there signs indicating damage to my septic tank that I should watch for in between scheduled maintenance?
There are many different signs to watch for that can indicate that there is a problem with the proper flow between your D-box (distribution box) into the pipes leading to the septic field which contains the septic tank. One of the more obvious signs that there are septic tank problems brewing is the odour. Frequently if your sewage system is backing up, you will smell it wafting into the house from the septic fields or even coming back up the pipes from your toilet. Another sign is where you get very intense patches (called a run) of particularly green grass in your septic field that visually stands apart from the rest of the lawn. Any of the above are indications that there is an issue with your septic system and should be addressed immediately. Please call Request Holdings at 250-740-7742 to schedule an inspection of your septic fields.
Does Request Holdings provide emergency septic services?
Yes, Request Holdings has 24/7 emergency service. Please call 250-740-7742

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