When home owners, or potential home owners are looking at buying or selling a home, as part of the buying and selling process a home inspection is performed on the property to make sure. read more

Waste Bins

When you’re looking for waste disposal solutions that are not only environmentally smart but also smart for the pocket book, the only junk removal and waste bin rental company to call for the Cedar. read more

Sand / Gravel

Whether you are a residential home owner looking for sand or gravel to pave your driveway or a professional landscaping company, Request Holdings can help make your day just a little bit easier. read more

Flat Deck

Request Holdings Ltd. has a 5 tonne, 17 foot, easy roll off, flat deck utility trailer that allows for easy hauling of diverse products. Whether you’re a construction company or a local heavy equipment wholesaler. read more

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Company: Request Holdings Ltd.
Address: 1558 Raines Road,
Nanaimo, BC, V9X 1L3
Cell: (250) 740-7742
Fax: (250) 722-0260

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